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Thursday, 17 June 2004

Holding The Games to Ransom

It is reported that Greek state employees are threatening to strike during the Olympic Games in Athens this August, unless all workers receive bonus payments during this period.

It seems that 60000 police, firefighters and port workers who are directly involved with the Olympic Games will be entitled to bonuses of around 2500 euros each.

However, others such as; the military, municipal workers and hospital workers won't be getting a "bung".

Therefore, in the spirit of equality, the unions representing the "downtrodden" non bonus receiving masses has threatened to strike.

In a demonstration of "good faith", hospital workers in Athens have planned a "warning" strike on June 23rd. Whilst the ambulance drivers and paramedics have threatened a strike on the 13th of August (oh dear that's the day the Olympic Games actually starts, how embarrassing!).

In the event that the Greek government cowtows to this blackmail; the estimated additional cost, on top of the already extortionate cost of the Games, will be $1.5BN.

What a splendid example of the spirit of the Games!

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