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Tuesday, 22 June 2004

No Sweat

Those of you who lay in bed at night worrying about where to buy Olympic T shirts and sports products, that have not been produced by "sweat shop" labour, may soon be able to rest a little easier at night.

It is reported that NGO's, such as Oxfam, are increasing the pressure on firms such as Adidas et al to remove the taint of sweated labour.

The campaign "Play Fair at the Olympics", launched earlier this year, highlights the concern of the NGO's that manufacturing firms have been pushing their workers to the limit; in order to stock the shelves in time for the Olympics 2004, which are being held in Athens Greece.

The campaign highlights the wages of those who make these products; eg in Indonesia one company was paying its workers $99 per month for a 16 hour day.

The major companies that produce these articles claim that they have codes of conduct, that cover the ages and working conditions of their workforce. However, enforcing and policing them is difficult.

I would like to offer these companies a little tip; I was directly involved in the development and distribution of the codes of conduct for Philips and De Beers (see my resume), guys you are more than welcome to approach me for advice.

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