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Tuesday, 8 June 2004

The Secret Opening Ceremony

The day of the Olympic Games opening ceremony, on the 13th of August, draws near.

The exact nature of the ceremony is, to ensure maximum effect, being kept secret. However, it would not take too much brain "muscle" to speculate that it will involve Greek heritage (history, culture art etc) and their gift to the world of the Games.

I think it fair to expect a significant number of references to Greek mythology, I wonder if they will mention Glaux?, and a very large number of people wearing ancient Greek costumes.

It is reported that there will be 8000 volunteers involved in the actual ceremonies, and another 2000 support staff.

Rather mysteriously, a large hole has been dug in the Olympic stadium. It is rumoured to be for some form of water spectacular. Maybe a large amount of water is a good idea, in case of a fire, as it seems that the Olympic cauldron may be suspended over the stadium.

The music for the ceremonies is also being kept a secret. However, I have seen rumours that George Michael may have been commissioned to write something; he has come a long way since working as a waiter in a Greek restaurant in London, all those years ago.

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