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Tuesday, 27 July 2004

Another Nail In The Coffin

In order to help ticket sales, which are currently 5 million below target, the hotel workers in Athens are doing their bit to make the Olympic tourist feel welcome for this year's Olympic Games in Athens.

The hotel workers are planning to go on strike on the 4th of August, just when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) arrive to take a final look at the readiness of Athens to host the Games.

The hotel workers are not alone, in wishing to claim more money during the Olympics; taxi drivers, hotel owners etc have all been pushing the "economic envelope", as they seek ways to milk the "Olympic cow".

It is reported that even some doctors are asking for more money during the Games, doctors in Athens will strike tomorrow for 6 hours.

The current estimate of the costs for holding the Games, by the way, is $12BN.

Value for money?

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