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Saturday, 24 July 2004


One of the more imaginative security features of the forthcoming Olympic Games, being held in Athens, is the proposed use of a Zeppelin to monitor the action on the ground.

Unfortunately Zeppelins, having mastered the art of not spontaneously exploding, still have one major draw back. They do not operate very well in high winds.

It seems that the ancient Greek gods were not on the side of the Zeppelin, costing $1.8M to rent for the period of the Olympics, this week; as high winds have prevented it from flying for the third day running.

However, there was some better news regarding water based security measures. The Greek authorities have taken delivery of 10 armed patrol boats.

These will be used to protect the coastline and the cruise ships, which will be housing some 10000 Olympic guests, which will be moored in the port of Piraeus during the course of the Games.

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