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Thursday, 8 July 2004

Fawlty Towers

In the true Olympic spirit, the hotel workers of Greece staged a 24 hour strike yesterday.

That should help bookings!

Their grievance is simple, more visitors for the Olympic Games in Athens means more work; therefore they want more money. Admirable logic, unfortunately there are 3 million unsold tickets and hotels are standing empty. Maybe a strike is not the best means of encouraging bookings?

In a splendidly irrelevant gesture, the Union of Greek Archaeologists went on strike as well yesterday. They want money as well from the Olympics.

Today, it is the turn of the bus drivers and other transport workers to try to grab a slice of the pie. There is even a rumour that the air traffic controllers will strike.

It seems that the Olympics this year are being viewed by many as a humungous cash cow. Unfortunately, there is every danger that it may in fact be a still born calf.

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