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Thursday, 1 July 2004

The Turtle and The Hare

It seems that the Olympics 2004, which are being held in Athens this August, have caused problems for one of the earth's less annoying creatures; the humble turtle.

The humungous costs of the Olympics have caused the Greek authorities to cut back on other, "non essential work". One victim of the cutbacks has been the turtle nesting beaches.

It is reported that the staff at the National Marine Park, on the island of Zakynthos, fed up with not being paid for 9 months stopped work in May.

In addition to hosting the Olympics, Greece's other claim to fame is the fact that it also hosts the largest nesting population of Mediterranean loggerhead turtles. However, the poor creature is somewhat less speedy and sexy than those competing at the Olympics; hence the Greek authorities assumed that people would not care about the cuts.

Unfortunately for the turtle, its hatching cycle coincides with the tourist season and this year's Olympic Games.

Needless to say, once the Greek government indicated that it couldn't "give a toss" about the turtle; the local population started ensuring that they could make as much money as possible from the tourist. They have, for example, erecting unauthorised buildings and are holding speed boat races; not very nice for the poor old turtle!

In my view the Olympics are only around for a few weeks for people to "enjoy", the turtles should be (if the Greek government did it's job) around for ever for people to enjoy.

Get your priorities right!

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