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Saturday, 10 July 2004

Echoes of The Past

The final countdown towards the Olympics 2004, being held in Athens, is underway.

As the final push for the completion of construction commences, reminders of the past are being unearthed on a daily basis.

Athens is an ancient imperial city, and previously undiscovered archaeological treasures are being unearthed by the construction of the new stadiums.

The treasure troves of tombs, pots and "knicknacks" being discovered are being put on display in open air museums. Those finds which cannot be moved to indoor museums are left in situ, and are protected by glass, they can be freely viewed by anyone who is in the vicinity.

I fully endorse this approach. This is a splendid way to improve and enhance the viewing experience for the general public. The more traditional museums of the past have created an atmosphere of lifelessness and stuffiness, that has left most visitors in a state of catatonic boredom.

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