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Thursday, 29 July 2004

It's The Power Stupid!

Those of you who thought that the recent power blackout in Athens was a one off, should think again.

It seems that over the last fortnight power supplies have been going on and off, more rapidly than a "tart's knickers".

Some cuts in parts of Athens have lasted for up to 2 hours. This is not very pleasant for those people who are in the city at the moment, the temperature is over 35 degrees and the humidity stands at 60%.

The state electricity company (DEI) claim that these outages were due to "technical breakdowns".

Call me pedantic, but isn't that stating the obvious somewhat?

The real "technical problem" is that the power for Athens is generated in the North of Greece; and is being supplied by ageing power lines, which are prone to failure and collapse.

Now don't you think that this issue should have been recognised, and addressed, by the International Olympic Committee; when they were deciding on the merits and demerits of holding the Olympic Games in Athens?

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