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Monday, 16 August 2004

The Half Million Giveaway

In an effort to fill empty stadiums, and to create the illusion of success, the Olympics organisers are reportedly going to give away 500,000 tickets for Olympic events.

It seems that a combination of fears about terrorist activities, and the extortionate prices being charged by hotels, restaurants and other tourist services in Athens; have driven the Olympic tourist away.

Around 1.3 million tickets remain unsold, and the IOC does not want to see pictures on TV screens of half empty stadiums.

The Greek authorities are pleading with Greek citizens to buy tickets, so as the honour of Greece is not tainted by the low attendance figures.

One bright spot is that the ticket touts, who normally make a killing at such events, are being "screwed"; as tickets that they hold, and "cornered the market in", are simply not shifting.

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