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Monday, 9 August 2004

Zeppelin Raid

It seems that the use of the Zeppelin to patrol the skies of Athens, during the forthcoming Olympic Games, has not met with everyone's' approval.

A Greek civil rights group has petitioned the local courts, in respect of the Zeppelin. They believe that it is a violation of people's privacy, and have asked the courts to bring the Zeppelin back to earth.

The court will rule later this week as to whether the Zeppelin, which is equipped with sensors, chemical "sniffers" and ultra-high resolution cameras, will be grounded or not.

The Greek government denies that the Zeppelin violates people's privacy, and state that there is no violation of the Greek constitution.

Other News

500 Thai workers are holding their own alternative Olympic Games in Bangkok; in order to highlight the sweatshop working conditions, and low rates of pay, of the people who produce clothing and other related products for the forthcoming Olympic Games.

The average garment worker may labour for 14 hours a day, and earn 7 cents for every dozen shirts worked on.

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