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Wednesday, 18 August 2004

Out They Go

The "dynamic duo" of Greek sprinting have bowed to the inevitable, and have pulled out of the Olympic Games (before being thrown out).

The Greek Olympic 200 metres champion, Costas Kenteris, has withdrawn out of "a sense of responsibility".

He is still in denial about the fact that he deliberately missed the drugs test, last Thursday; claiming that he was not told about it.

Katerina Thanou, the other half of the "dynamic duo", issued an apology to the Greek people; noting that as she was not be able to race, she had to pull out of the Games.

For good measure their coach, Christos Tzekos, also pulled out; defiantly noting that he had done nothing wrong.

This decision will certainly hit their pockets.

It is reported that Kenderis's sponsorship contract, with Greek Telecom OTE, is worth over 5M Euros. Needless to say this goes to the wind, as the contract contained an anti doping clause.

They may even lose their honourary positions as lieutenants in Greece's air force.

But they are innocent, right?

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