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Tuesday, 3 August 2004

Multinationals 1 - Greek Government 0

It is the nature of life that it can, on occasions, throw up a few surprises. One such surprise relates to the forthcoming Olympic Games, which are being held in Athens.

It is reported that Greenpeace, scourge of multinational polluters throughout the world, have complemented Coca-Cola, McDonald's and Unilever for their contribution to the environment in respect of the Olympics 2004.

However, they have taken "a pop" at the Greek government's less than spectacular contribution to the environment. It seems that once the Olympic party is over, the Greek government is going to have a lot of cleaning up to do; in order to repair the environmental damage that the Olympic Games have inflicted on Athens.

One area that has been marked out for special criticism is the Olympic Village, which will house 2300 athletes, this does not use renewable or efficient energy sources.

To be honest that doesn't really matter, as the evidence suggests that Athens will probably be enveloped in power blackouts on a regular basis; thus saving dwindling energy resources and the environment.

On the "cosmetic front", the much vaunted trees and shrubs that were planted to "beautify" Athens, have died; they were planted out of season.

In effect the "third pillar", the promise that the Greek government made to protect the environment when bidding for the Olympics, has been ignored; as with everything, where an excuse is needed for failure, September 11th is being blamed.

Not good enough!

In my view, if they were unable to meet their promises, then they should have forfeited the Games.

However, the Greeks do try to spread the blame; they also accuse the International Olympic Committee (IOC) of failing, the IOC naturally refute any shortcomings.

That's the true Olympic spirit of competitiveness!

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