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Friday, 20 August 2004

Second Opinion Sought

It seems that despite pulling out of the Olympic Games, Kostas Kenteris and Katerina Thanou won't be let off the hook so easily.

The prosecutor looking into their motorcycle "accident" is reported to be now investigating the "injuries" of the athletes.

The prosecutor, Haralambos Lakafosis, wants to question some of the doctors at Athens' KAT hospital; where the dynamic duo were taken after their "accident".

When the athletes were admitted on 13 August the hospital issued a statement saying that Kenteris was suffering from "cranial trauma, whiplash and open wounds on his lower leg". Thanou sustained abdominal bruises, injuries to her right hip and a muscular injury to her right upper leg.

However, the problem is that this doesn't match with the report from medical examiner Philipos Koutsaftis; who examined the athletes on 16 August.

This report noted that Kenteris had a few cuts and bruises on his right leg and left elbow, and detected no significant injuries to Thanou.

Time for a second opinion I think.

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