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Tuesday, 17 August 2004

It's Radio Jim, But Not as We Know It

It seems that some Australian radio broadcasters, ABC and 2GB, have fallen foul of the arcane restrictions of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) regarding the broadcast of Olympic material.

The broadcasters had secured the rights to broadcast live from the Olympics, and were happily doing so. However, they were broadcasting via the internet.

It seems that the grandees of the IOC do not approve of such means of communication, and have banned the companies from making further broadcasts.

There is a possibility that the hapless Australian companies may also be sued, and lose their rights to broadcast Olympic material again.


  1. Judging from the number of comments, I wouldn't be surprised if the only
    one who bothers to read all this is your mum.

  2. sorry chum, my mum doesn't have the internet.