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Thursday, 14 June 2007

Inquiry Into London Logo Fiasco

Finally the London Olympic organisers have admitted that all may not be right with the "Lisa Simpson Gives Head" London 2102 Olympics logo design.

Lord Coe, chairman of the London organising committee, has announced that there will be an inquiry into last week's disastrous launch of promotional footage for the new Games logo which was blamed for causing 30 people to suffer epileptic seizures.

Lord Coe said that he was considering legal action against the production company, Live!, that was responsible for the footage.


"We have set up an internal inquiry into exactly what happened with our supplier and the promotional footage that was shown.

We are getting to the bottom of what checks were made

A spokeswoman for the charity Epilepsy Action said:

"We now know of 30 people who have suffered fits as a result of this film.

This has affected people's lives and we were really hoping that Lord Coe might apologise for what happened

Once the internal investigation has been completed, Lord Coe and the committee will decide if there is a case against Live.

What a shambles!

It is noteworthy that there is, as yet, no investigation into the actual quality of the design or the tendering process (whereby no one sought to examine samples of possible designs for the logo).

Doubtless these investigations will be announced in due course?

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