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Wednesday, 6 June 2007

London Logo Farce

London LogoThe farce over the London 2012 Olympics logo, that cost £400K and has been likened to Lisa Simpson performing a blow job and the SS symbol from Nazi Germany, has taken a turn for the worse.

Aside from being roundly criticised by all and sundry for creating what amounts to little more than a series of unpleasant splodges, with nothing whatsoever to do with London or the Games, the London Olympic Committee have now had to withdraw the animated version from their website.


Seemingly large numbers of people have complained of having an epileptic fit whilst looking at it.

Well done lads!

The shambles surrounding the logo is symbolic of the shambles over the planning of this costly white elephant of a Games.


  1. They'll mess the whole thing up and another city will have to take it over.

    I fear this is going to be a disaster, rather than a farce!

  2. I posted this comment to the 2012 organisers and was informed it was an invalid comment!

    I understand that the current Government is considering pledging 600 million GBP for the encouragement and development of sport, via centres of excellence etc.,

    I would like to suggest that each British medal winner, after the completion of the 2012 games, should whilst wearing their medals, visit medical patients suffering due to lack of treatment and then explain that the medal has been instead of their medical care.

  3. Bad enough that we are wasting so much money on this stupid event which will at best benefit the London area but to have to endure Gordon Brown droning on about how great the 2012 games will be, with the ape Beckham looking on is just too much. From the handover event in London it is clear that Britain offers it's World-Class talents of music and comedy as being the theme for 2012. Pity that farce is not as popular a genre these days.