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Monday, 18 June 2007

Jowell Jubilant

Tessa Jowell was quick to congratulate herself, and the London Olympics Organising Committee, on the back of the report from the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Jowell, The Secretary for Culture, Media and Sport, said that the IOC's evaluation committee had examined 17 elements of the plans for the 2012 Games.

Their report was "apparently the best report they've ever given a city".

Ms Jowell added that the 15 inspectors were "even more fulsome" during private conversations with her.


"They regard us as doing better than any city. We're ahead of other cities, and on every single measure that they've applied to us we're doing precisely what they want, and precisely what they expect.

That could hardly have been better.

I think the inspectors kind of warmed to that sense of commitment, because they all believe in the benefit, if you like the magic, that the Olympic Games can bring to a city.

I spent quite a lot of time with them. They didn't say anything to me privately that was not reflected in what they said publicly.

In fact, they were even more fulsome privately in the discussions I had with them than they were publicly.

The IOC, in slightly less gushing terms, said that it was "satisfied we don't have any areas of concern" at the end of its visit.

Jowell is of course concerned over here future, once Gordon Brown takes over from Tony Blair.

Pride comes before a fall!

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