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Thursday, 7 June 2007

London Logo Farce - The Farce Continues

London Logo FarceAs if things could not get much worse for the hapless London 2102 Olympics Organisers and the designers of the much derided "Lisa Simpson Performs Oral Sex" Olympic Logo, they do get worse.

London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, weighed in yesterday saying that the designers have failed and should not be paid the £400K for their epileptic inducing design.


"Who would go to a firm like that again to ask them to do that work? I mean, this is a pretty basic thing".

Livingstone is known to hate the design.

On top of that an online petition to withdraw the logo has been started.

There are also reports that the International Olympic Committee are unhappy with the size of the Olympic rings in the logo, and may ask for a rework.

Maybe all of this shambles is down to one little known fact, Sebastian Coe (head of the London Organising Committee) is colour blind?

However, as this shambles progresses it is symbolic of the appalling organisation and lack of control over the budget of the London 2012 fiasco.

This story will run and run.

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