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Friday, 15 June 2007

Preparations for London 2012 Olympics Praised

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) fact finding mission to London has praised London 2012 organisers for their preparations, including the much derided logo.

Denis Oswald, the head of the IOC's coordination commission, said that he was pleased with all levels of planning.


"Two years after London got the games, we are impressed by the level of detail in the preparation.

London is on track and on time

London is most certainly not on budget, which has ballooned to £12BN!

Oswald's 15 member inspection team reviewed London's preparations, including venue construction, sport, staffing, media and technology. It was the group's first visit since April 2006.

Oswald said London's legacy plans were as promised, when it won the bid in July 2005.


"This legacy is very important.

We really consider that London will be a model for a future host city of the Olympic Games as far as legacy is concerned

Referring to the derided Olympics logo, Oswald said:

"I love it.

It's very dramatic, very creative, very young, very dynamic and includes a lot of flexibility. I was really enthusiastic and it is not because I've read that some people have criticised this logo that I will change my mind. It's just a fantastic logo


So what about the ballooning budget then?????

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